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Company's Fundamental Principle

Vietnam is now entering a period of intensive economic growth, characterized by rapid industrialization, modernization and urbanization. Underground resources are exploited, urban areas are developed, lands are reclaimed to build roads, industrial plants, and other socio-economic structures, without appropriate considerations on environment and efficient measures to prevent causing harmfulness to the nature.

Fukken & Minami Consultant Co.,Ltd. was established with the wish to introduce advanced technologies for sustainable and environmentally-friendly development. It is because we think that in addition to our love to our planet and our children, we have to take concrete actions by involving actively to development works with holistic approach to conserve biological diversity, to prevent and mitigate environment deterioration. We believe that by putting the spirit of “sustainable development ” at the heart of development planning, and by introducing advanced technologies to development planning and works, we can improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and harmful emissions, avoid or mitigate adverse impacts caused by human activities and development works to environment.

Hiroshima City is our source of energy, where we inherit the spirit of “reconstruction” fostered after almost all parts of the city were destroyed by the Second World War. We are also sharing this spirit with FUKKEN Co., Ltd, a Hiroshima –based construction consultant company who has rich experiences in development and environment conservation fields not only in Hiroshima Prefecture and in Japan but also in other countries around the world.

With the spirit of “reconstruction” inherited from Hiroshima people, and by introducing advanced technologies and working experiences that FUKKEN Co., Ltd. has accumulated for a long time since 1946, we do hope to contribute our part in the process to create prosperous and enjoyable Vietnam society, with comprehensive environmentally- friendly approaches and the conscience of “sustainable development”, i.e. “development which meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

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